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August in Iceland!

Hallo ‘No Code’ folks!
2015 is here and we are scheduling our next trips and fun.
We’re happy to introduce you to ‘August in Iceland’.
An amazing Enduro journey in a stunning land!
Please take a jump after the pic to see our travel itinerary.
For booking or any further questions about this trip, please check our contacts page!

Enjoy the ride!

1 to August 15, 2015

Iceland with its unspoilt natural beauty, consisting of endless lava deserts, rushing streams, waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers, hot springs and lagoons, is a unique country in the world.

The formula that we offer to those who want to make a tour in Iceland with your bike is as follows:

bikes will be transported on a special ‘No Code’ Organization cart at the Port of Seydhisfjordhur and from there to the nearby city of Egilssstahir. Participants will fly from Italy to Iceland. Same thing on the way back.

Day 1
Arrival at Reykjavik and continue with connecting flight to Egilsstahir. Arrival and transfer to the hotel where the staff will be present with vs motorcycle and welcome you.
Unloading of bikes, briefings and first excursion to Lake Lagarfljot with a visit to the falls Hengifoss (distance: 80 Km – asphalt)

Day 2
(178 Km asphalt)

Day 3
Loop route that will lead to the most northern point of our journey, a few km from the Arctic Circle. Return to Myvatn
(395 Km)

Day 4
Myvatn-Tungna. This will be the most difficult stage because you will travel many kilometers off road and there will be the fords factor!
(350 Km – asphalt and track)

Day 5
Tungna-Gulfoss. The volcano Hekla, the picturesque landscape of Landmannalaugar and geysers
(180 Km – asphalt and runways)

Day 6
Gulfoss-Blounduos. We return to the north with a transfer leg through Iceland
(214 km – asphalt and slopes)

Day 7
Blounduos-Flokalundur. Towards the western end of the island
(300 km – asphalt and slopes)

Day 8
Flokalundur-Stykkisholmur. The amazing cliffs of Latrabjarg where Puffins nests (so cute!)
(403 Km – asphalt)

Day 9
Stykkisholmur-Reykjavik. Arrival in the capital.
(160 Km – asphalt)

Day 10
Stopover in Reykjavik

Day 11
Reykjavik-Skaftafell. Transfer along the southern coast of the island

Day 12
Skaftafell-Hofn. Morning for the visit of the largest national park of Iceland. In the afternoon departure to the lagoon Jokulsarlon. Hotel accommodation in Hofn
(123 Km – asphalt)

Day 13
Hofn-Egilsstahir. Last leg of transfer to close the ring (210 km asphalt).
In the afternoon, we’ll say goodbye and load the bikes

Day 14
Transfer to the airport and departure for Italy, via Reykjavik
FEE from € 3200

The fee includes:
Participants will be followed for technical and logistical assistance by one motorcycle and a pickup 4 × 4, drvien by our staff;
air transportation from Milan;
bike transport from Modena (Italy) to Egilsstahir and return;
airport transfers in Iceland;
overnight stays;
dinner and breakfast in hotels, guest house, farms;
transport possibilities for carry-on one baggage and a tire for participants on the organization car;
medical insurance / luggage standard

Not included: fuel in participants vehicles, parking lots, entrances to places to visit, lunches, drinks, personal extras and anything not mentioned here above.

Now, let’s just wait for Iceland ‘No Code’ August!



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