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Balkan Raid
Balkan Raid

‘No Code’ is also travel promoter, of course on two wheels. For five days long, five of our riders will be on the slopes of the so called ‘Balkan Raid‘. They will be driving through Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Croazia for a little bit of sightseeing and a lot of hunting for tracks and places where run […]

African Queens Event – RIde & Fun / Out of Italy 11-14 September 2014

Immer Öfters hatten wir schon Nachfragen bezüglich Offroad-Ausfahrten im Ausland … unsere früheren Jährlichen Internationalen Treffen kamen immer super an, sie waren allerdings immer speziell auf die Honda Africa Twin Fan-Gemeinde abgestimmt. Dies möchten wir jetzt ändern und „Allen“ Enduro begeisterten die Möglichkeiten geben mal richtig out off the Road Gas geben zu können, so entstand […]

Eventi (27 aprile) – Events (april 27th)

‘No Code’ is also motorsport events organization. Sunday, April 27 we had the first trial of the ‘Enduro Sport Tournament’. A contest among over 100 competitors on a route that included a long first heat in level and others off-road trial on the hills behind our home base. A long and challenging track made even harder, […]